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Welcome to JaeByrd’s Nest!!

My name is Jae Bradford & I am a Consultant, Coach, & Change Specialist.  I help women in business solve chaos, overwhelm, change & fatigue by thinking outside of the box!!  If you are facing change in your life & are looking for answers or help to successfully navigate the chaos you seem to be in, you are in the right place!!

I have over 30 years of professional & life experience to draw from & if you are facing a change, chances are I have already faced the same change & come through to the other side, or at least something very similar!!

Or….maybe you are just overwhelmed & “frazzled” & just aren’t sure which way to turn.  I can help with that too!!

Let’s not let chaos rule!!

Change & stress in our lives is something we must all face at some point.  It can be a major life changing situation like the death of a spouse or something small like redecorating a room.  But whatever the change is, it is a process to go through.  And THAT, my Lovelies, is why I am here!!

Having spent over 30 years as a CRN, mostly in Critical Care & Administration, I learned a lot helping people overcome obstacles in their lives.  I also spent about 6 years as a Primary Therapist in the Mental Health Department in Illinois.  While I am NOT a registered therapist, I have been doing Life Coaching & Transformational Coaching through the years.  My main focus, though, was on “Change” in the workplace.  I was hired as a Consultant when Facilities, Companies, or Agencies were in trouble & facing some sort of Inspection for accreditation.  I was hired to investigate, assess, report my findings with a plan for correction.  I then, usually, was the person in charge of facilitating the necessary changes in order to pass the Inspection. This often involved teaching employees in multiple disciplines, writing corrective action plans, instituting new procedures & protocols, sometimes even hiring & firing of employees, plus I usually walked with them through the Inspection….to a successful conclusion!!

Change is never really easy, but it can be a smooth transition if you are willing to open yourself up.

Overwhelm, fatigue, & feeling “frazzeled” & not sure which way to turn, are all part of that SAME STRESS. Often we just need another set of eyes to help us sort everything out!! WOOHOO….been there & done that!!

As women, we often find ourselves in a situation, not necessarily of our own making, that requires great change & transition.  If you are struggling with that, I know I can help!!

All of these techniques & this experience has spilled over into my personal life as well.  Besides being a Professional “caregiver”, I was a personal caregiver for my husband of 30 years.  He was in ill health most of his adult life & my being a nurse was very useful.  In his last years, he had Alzheimer’s Disease in addition to his other health issues.  I was his lone caregiver.  That was a very difficult & trying time for me.  We were unable to get the usual supportive care due to the remote location where we lived.  It was tough!!

His death hit me hard & I became a “grief zombie” for almost 4 years.  It was not easy for me.,,,BUT…I thought back to my work experience & used those techniques & fought my way back.  I want to use my Professional & Life Experience to help others who are facing “Change” or perhaps transition of some sort and those who are just overwhelmed & STUCK!!

Let’s make that transition smooth & perhaps even F*U*N!!  Let’s take You from chaos & overwhelm…..to Sanity & SUCCESS!!

Been there…done that….and I CAN help YOU!!!!

To contact me or sign up for my weekly blog, just email me at: Jaebyrd@jaebn.com

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May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path……

Hugzz ~ Jae