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Spring is starting fresh, are you ready for a fresh start??

Along with the beautiful fresh flowers this Spring, do you feel the rumbling of a fresh start heading your way??

Are you ready for the rainbow of Spring to burst forth in your life??

The rainbow of Spring!!


All the beautiful flowers in a vast array of bright colors!! Everything feels clean & new…..even the air is fresh & crisp. Our “fresh start” this Spring can be just as invigorating & clean & new as the flowers of Spring!!

I initially wrote & posted this blog post last Spring, but it is REALLY relevant for us NOW!!  I can feel that crackling, like static electricity in the air!!  Spring is saying “Stand up & take note!!  Something new is awakening in you!!”  I know this is for me but it is also for some of YOU!!

Are you facing a major life change??  Are you going through something difficult that is making you feel overwhelmed & that your life is chaotic & unmanageable??

I get that!!  Been there…..done that…..have the t-shirt to prove it!!  LOL!!

Growing up as an only child of a mentally abusive mother & frequently changing father figures, I was so beat down mentally that I could not even think without help.  I was extremely immature & insecure.  I was afraid of others so I kept to myself.  I WANTED friends, but did not know how to make them & I had trust issues because of my Mom.  To say I had a troubled childhood is an understatement!!  But to the outside world, Mom was the perfect mother & we were a happy, well adjusted family.

This is Mom on her 90th birthday, with me, a few days before she died.  Hard to believe I was scared to death of this woman my entire life….she looks so harmless!!

Hard to believe I was scared of this woman all my life!!

Mom & me on her 90th birthday, just days before she died.

I grew up as the “albatross” around my mother’s neck!! She was a career woman in the 1940-50’s (worked her way up to Hospital Assistant Administrator) who NEVER wanted children.  She frequently reminded me that she wished she had never had me.  I was just an obligation to her.  I am SO fortunate to have had a loving Grandmother that protected me as best she could.

If I were to write a book about my life, it would be labeled “fiction” because no one would ever believe one person could go through so much…..but I DID!!  It was difficult & confusing & hurtful, BUT…..it is what made me the strong, compassionate woman I am today!!

During my life, I always had to take other people’s feelings, directions, & concerns into account.

I was never able to make decisions on my own…..until I became a widow & my Mom died.  Suddenly I am an adult & can go anywhere, do anything, decide anything I want.  This was overwhelming & scary for me!!  It took me quite a while to adjust to making my own decisions!!  But now I am able to do the one thing I have always been good at…..helping others go through major life changes with dignity & grace.

Let’s see what major life changes I have been through…..

  • did not know biological father until in my late 30’s
  • mother mentally & emotionally abusive & she was a perfectionist
  • nothing I ever did was good enough
  • mother married MULTIPLE times….never knew what man she would be with next
  • Lived with my Grandparents until my grandfather died…..I was about 10yo & had to go back to live with my mother
  • one of Mom’s husbands adopted me & was a wonderful father
  • we had lived in 10 different homes by the time I reached high school
  • married at 18yo to get away from Mom……only lasted 3yrs
  • became a nurse because Mom wanted me to
  • Me, becoming a nurse, because Mom wanted me to!!

    Me at Jewish Hospital School of Nursing in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • married a Viet Nam vet….lasted 6yrs until he assaulted me
  • was homeless for a short while until I could get enough money for an apartment…..Mom refused to help me
  • adopted father murdered…..made national news
  • finally married a wonderful man & we were married for 30yrs
  • Jim & I wreck diving in the Florida Keys!!

  • I became disabled & had to give up my nursing license because I could no longer work
  • lived in 26 different houses during my adult life
  • Survived cancer & multiple major surgeries & treatments 
  • cared for my husband who had Alzheimer’s Disease & was bedbound the last year of his life
  • became a widow about 5yr ago & was left in a horrible financial situation

Those are just the highlights!!  LOL!!  You would probably expect me to be sitting in a puddle on the floor!! But I made “Change” my friend & it helped me to survive despite what I had to face.

THIS is why I am uniquely qualified to help others going through major life changes & experiencing overwhelm & exhaustion!! Now, I am NO LONGER a nurse & I am NOT a therapist!!  I am a good listener, an empath, & am able to sort through the chaos & make a simple plan to wade through it all to a successful & rewarding conclusion.

I have this amazing “gift” of optimism & joy & I love to share it with others!!  Life is hard enough, but when you approach it with a “glass half full” as opposed to a “glass half empty” attitude, it is much easier to navigate those currents & eddies!!

I sincerely hope this post has made sense to you & resonates with you!! This is who I am & what I am about!!  I am just a woman with 68 years of experience & wisdom who is available to help you sort through the chaos, help you develop a plan & will encourage you & be available for help as you proceed down your path.

NO ONE should have to do this alone!! If this DOES resonate with you & you would like to have a  free 30 minute “Strategy Session” with me, please book your time here:


I am looking forward to strategizing with you so that your Spring Fresh Start is as colorful as a rainbow!!


Beautiful flowers for Spring....are you ready for a fresh start too??

Spring’s fresh start!!

Are you ready for the rainbow of Spring to burst forth in your life??

The rainbow of Spring!!








I hope the information in this post has been helpful for you.  I am so glad you joined me on this Journey!!

PLEASE ask any questions you have, because you never know who you could be helping with your questions!! I WANT to hear from you!!  Also, if you have any topics you would like me to cover, just let me know!!  You can leave a comment here or you can just email me at Jaebyrd@jaebn.com with “Fresh Start” in the subject line.

I promise I will get back to you as quickly as I can!!

🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*

May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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