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BA DI Studio Art Wk #4 Pg 4

“Being your best” was the topic of a conversation, recently.  We were discussing how to be your best, what it takes.

This quote came to mind:

“Being your best and trying your best are the same thing.  The longer you try your best, the better you will become.  Be patient but persistent.”  ~ Anon.

I thought back over the years I spent as a CRN, learning my trade, so to speak.  I spent 3 years (year round) in nursing school at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.  Back then, we not only took classes & did clinicals, but we staffed the hospital too.  We did not get summers off or go home every weekend….we spent most holidays working. BUT….it taught me a good work ethic & how to be persistent, not necessarily patient, but persistent.

I always wanted to take care of the more critical patients because that was where I could learn the most.

Those days we didn’t have ICU’s & such.  When I graduated (after leaving school getting married, failing at that & returning to school, 3 years later) I was privileged to work in the first Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Jewish.  That was when I decided I wanted to work in as many specialties & learn as much as I could.

I did just that & when the American Nurses Association began offering the testing for certifications, I was right there to test & get my CRN!!

Nursting Student Jewish Hospital School of Nurstin, St. Louis. MO 1966

Proud day!!  My Capping day at Jewish Hospital School of Nursing, 1966.

Graduation Day, Jewish Hopital School of Nursing 1971

An even PROUDER day….my Graduation in 1971!!

I was fortunate to be able to see nursing progress from iron lungs & NOTHING disposable including needles & syringes, to almost all disposable everything!!  I witnessed a lot of changes in both practice & procedures.

I was taught strict guidelines & as medicine became more relaxed about some things, it was sometimes hard for me to adapt, but I did adapt because it was important to me to be the best I could be!!

I was so proud to be a nurse & as the BSN & Nurse Practitioner Programs took over, 3yr diploma nurses like me were often passed over for promotions or administrative positions because we did not have a 4yr degree.  The fact that, at the time, we were better clinical nurses didn’t matter, only the piece of paper with BSN on it.

However, as we proved our worth & abilities, some hospitals started introducing the “Clinical Ladder” programs.  This was a way of proving we had the chops to do the job.  We had certain requirements to meet like so many continuing education credits, mastery of certain clinical skills, having an article or book published in a medical journal or publication, innovative thinking, development of policies & procedures, participation on hospital committees, etc.  But, again, we could only rise so high, even with the clinical ladder.

I was so fortunate that I was able to be involved in the beginning of such programs so was able to rise to the level I wanted to at the time.  Later, often times, restrictions were added to these programs, limiting diploma grads.

Me working in the OR in Florida

Me working in the OR in Florida

I have been everything from a staff nurse to a director of nursing, supervisor, critical care nurse, chemo nurse, operating room nurse, executive director of a home health agency in a major city, home health nurse in a rural area, & most everything in between!!

But the last ten years of my career, I did a lot of consulting & change management for facilities facing major changes or facing a failed inspection for accreditation.

Again, I learned a lot & really had found my dream job.  Then I was injured in a freak accident & could no longer work & allowed my nursing license to lapse.  I enjoyed my life as a wife, at home with my husband & fur kids, but it took some adjusting.  I had always been active & worked hard & wasn’t used to all this free time, even though I could not have physically worked no matter how badly I wanted to.

Then my husband died, and I was alone for the first time in my life, really.  It took me almost 4yrs of grief to realize that with today’s technology, I could do what I loved again…..help people through major life changes, overwhelm & fear.

So, I am now at a point in my life where I am reopening my consulting & coaching business. This being a widow, starting my business, writing a blog, recording YT videos, is all new to me.  BUT, as always, I will work hard, do my best, & be persistent!!

How about you, are you at a turning point in your life, or facing a major life change?? Overwhelmed?? Has fear set in??  I would love to hear about what you are facing!!  just comment below or drop me an email to:  Jaebyrd@jaebn.com.

Remember:  Be your best & try your best & be persistent!! Patience will help too!!

(Oh, and I may be a “dinosaur” in the nursing profession hierarchy, but I am a PROUD & accomplished dinosaur!!)

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May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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