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WELCOME!!  Happy Holidays to YOU & your family!!

Beginning on December 5th, I am running a 10-day challenge, for you to do anytime during the month of December, to help you “Unwind the Tangled Stress” of the Holidays that are upon us!!  This will be a very special journey for you.

Self-Care is something we all tend to neglect!!  BUT..…it is SO important to our well-being!!  Art, of any kind, tends to bring out the inner you.  No art is good or bad, incomplete or ugly, it is what is in you that comes out to play!!  Remember how much fun you had when you were little & finger-painted??  Art comes from within & is never wrong but always beautiful!!  Doing anything that is F*U*N & just for you is self-care!!

When you sign-up for the challenge, you will receive this Journal page which is in US letter size but can be downsized by your printer for whatever size planner you use.  The Journal page consists of space for your tangle drawing, space for an inspirational quote or 2, & a “Thoughts” or journaling section.

Be sure to print out 5 copies so you have one for each day.

Join me on Dec 5th for a GREAT Challenge!!

Challenge form for the “Unwinding the Tangled Stress” Challenge on JaeByrd’s Nest!!

If you have never heard of Zentangle or have never tangled before, you are in for a treat.  You can learn all about Zentangle here on the official website:  https://www.zentangle.com/.

As we “tangle” our stress away, you will receive one email every other day with the link for the directions to the tangle (the directions are called a “step-out”) and a prompt you can use to spark your journaling.  The inspirational quote is for you to find!!  I feel like those are personal because what I consider inspiring may not be the same as what inspires you!!

A Daily Tangle is provided for you to draw or you can use the space provided to just doodle…..just do SOMETHING in this space!!  The link provided in the daily email will take you to the step-out or directions for how to do the tangle of the day.  Then you draw or doodle your own on the Journal page.  Follow the directions exactly or do it your way.  Just make it your own!!  This is Tangle Time….doodle time….F*U*N time!!

Time to let your creative & relaxed side out to play!!  Time to untangle the stress!!

If you are “BRAVE” enough, post a pic of your work on InstaGram & use the hashtag #untanglestress so we can all enjoy them!!

As you relax doing the tangle or doodle, & you are inspired by your quote, you will find that the stress will start to melt away!!  Allow your brain to run free with your journaling or just do a brain sweep.  That section is for you to empty your thoughts so you can relax!!  Take your time….take as much time as you want.  This is to de-stress, not stress you!!  LOL!!

The purpose is to have a little F*U*N & by relaxing, do a little self-care, unwinding, relieving some of the Holiday stress we all tend to feel!!

This challenge is to have F*U*N with & relax a bit!!  The Holidays are stressful for all of us, so it is important that at some point we decompress at least a little & allow the stressful feelings to leave!!

I sincerely hope you will join me on this little adventure to “Unwind the Tangled Stress” of the Holidays!!

May starlight & moonbeams light your path ~ Hugzz ~ Jae