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CHIRP of the DAY

Good Morning!!  Isn’t this a beautiful day??  Or is it??  Well, for a “Northerner” in Illinois, this is March & we are near the end of Winter…..or are we??  Last week we had snow on the ground & were having sub-zero windchill temps, BUT…..yesterday hit a record high…..78 degrees!!  Of course today is 50 degrees, but we had a preview, albeit brief, of Spring, our FUTURE!!

You see, things are NOT always as they seem & things do NOT always go as planned!!  It seems like something is always coming up…..getting in our way…..derailing us!!  At least that is my experience.  I have learned that these unexpected little “bumps in the road” can be one of two things……..a ROADBLOCK….OR….an OPPORTUNITY to learn & grow!!

NONE of us are born loving CHANGE!!  It is how we learn to VIEW that change that makes all the difference in the world for us!!  Yes, change IS a roadblock at times.  Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell you something, have you just stopped to listen??  CHANGE is a fact of life & we have to learn to live with it!!

I have learned to stop & listen for a moment when presented with a change of some sort, whether anticipated or not, whether welcomed or not, whether prepared for or NOT!!  Taking that brief moment to catch my breath & just listen can make ALL the difference in my reaction to the change or the roadblock.

Next time CHANGE raises its ugly head in your face, try this…….

  •        Listen to the facts of the change or roadblock
  •        Take a deep breath…..slowly & then slowly let it out
  •        Take one more deep breath….slowly & then slowly let it out
  •        Just be still for a moment, opening your mind & spirit for a quiet minute or two.  This resets your brain.
  •        Now, look at the facts, think about the change & make a plan!!

CHANGE can be your worst enemy or your best friend!!  Change presents us with an opportunity to grow & to better ourselves & our world.


May stardust & moonbeams light your path……..

Hugzz ~ Jae

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