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Prisms Studio Class Pg 1 Wk #08Planning Checklist

  1. Find a quiet spot & try to close out ALL distractions.
  2. Sit down & take several deep breaths…breathe in slowly…hold…breathe out slowly.  This calms & centers you brain & heightens your attention.
  3. Make sure you have ALL your lists, school schedules, appointment cards, plans, etc., AND your planner.
  4. Check off the items as you schedule them in your planner:
  • Scheduled appointments ~ doctor, dentist, health test, realtor, other professional, etc.
  • Work related deadlines or meetings
  • Family commitments, celebrations, trips, etc.
  • Self-care ~ schedule at least 15min/day to do something for refueling YOU!!  It can be anything that recharges you, such as……bubble bath, reading, sit outside, a cup of tea, listening to some soothing music, take a walk.  This should be something calming OR something from your *Stardust* List.  Just so it is something you LOVE…..that excites you…..that is *F*U*N*!!  After all, that is what makes it *Magical*!! LOL!!
  • Plan your meals & make grocery list.
  • Schedule at least one step toward your Goals…..then DO IT!!

This really doesn’t take long.  Doing this weekly….checking things off your list as you complete them….will make you feel more ORGANIZED, calmer, more in CONTROL, & ready to face the unexpected that you KNOW will occur at some point!!  This will help calm & sort out the chaos of your life!!