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What is an "intention"?? Why is it important??











Want a guiding force for your dreams & desires??  Want something to keep you focused, clear, & on track with your plans??  Then you need to be setting INTENTIONS!!

What IS an “intention”??

“noun:  Intention….
1. An aim that guides action. 
2.  an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
3.  the end or object intended; purpose.
4.  intentions.

5.  purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct:  a bungler with good intentions.

6.  purpose or attitude with respect to marriage:  Our friends are beginning to ask what our intentions are.
  1. Synonyms
    — goal –  Intention, intent, purpose all refer to a wish that one means to carry out. Intention is the general word: His intention is good. Intent is chiefly legal or literary: attack with intent to kill. Purpose implies having a goal or determination to achieve something: Her strong sense of purpose is reflected in her studies.”

Our thoughts & everything about us create vibrations, energy vibrations in our world.  Because of this, setting an intention can be a powerful tool for achieving what we want out of life.

It helps us live in the moment…being fully present…and helps to repel those negative, self-sabotaging thought patterns & behaviors.

This is science & common sense, not woowoo!!

We only think ONE thought at a time, so if you are concentrating on your intention…fully focused & present…you can’t be thinking those negative thoughts.

Our intentions give us purpose & direction.  They keep us moving toward what we want most.

“Remember energy flows where attention goes…..” Christine Kane

SO….where do we start??  This one step stops most of us from achieving our desires.  Here are the questions to ask yourself to start…

  1. What matters to me??  What do I want most??
  2. What is important to me??  (what we value & deem important to us, drives our life.  It is what guides our decisions & choices.  How we value ourselves, our self-worth, plays a roll here too!!)
  3. What areas of my life do I need to change to achieve this??

Write down your end result that you want to achieve & why!!  I use intentions for big & small dreams!!

Then drill down to the tiniest steps/actions possible to get you to that end result!!

Be specific & clear about what you want & why!! Once you start questioning the why, your intention may change.

For example, I intend to lose 50 pounds.  Why, so I will look good.  Why, so I won’t be embarrassed anymore. Why, so my clothes will fit better.  Why, so I will feel better about myself.  Why, to improve my health.  All of these are good reasons, but what is most important for me may be entirely different from what is most important for you.  How we approach this Focus Point may be different because of that.

When planning for your day, at the start or it, say your intention outloud. This aligns your mind, heart, & spirit to this one purpose today!!  Setting a daily intention helps you to stay focused, centered, & moving forward toward that end result you want. Repeat your intention outloud anytime during the day when you need an energy boost or to stay focused & clear!!

As I teach in my CSS Program (From Chaos to Sanity & Success), I don’t like the term “goals”!!  I use the term “Focus Points” instead!!  We have all spent a lifetime trying to “achieve our goals” & falling short.  Usually the goal is not realistic or well-defined or it is so big we become overwhelmed & just give up!!  I think the word “goal” has a bad connotation.

With Focus Points, I am specific & my time frame is realistic.  I drill down, writing down every single, little, tiny Action Step I will need to complete, in order to accomplish the Focus Point.  Each day, I set my intention for the day based on the Action Step/s I need to complete that day.


Intentions are about staying present & focused.  They create motivation to keep us moving forward toward what we want most.

By setting a daily intention & doing at least one thing each day that supports your intention, those Action Steps, you will be successful.  You will reach that end result you want.  It also helps bolster our energy by adding its vibrations to our own & moves us forward.

Be careful not to allow limiting or negative language into your intention. Don’t put limits on what you can achieve!!  Take the word “but” out of your vocabulary!!

Whether you achieve that end result or not, (afterall, it may change.), daily intentions bring value into our lives & bring us more in line with the “why” of our intention.

They ARE the ULTIMATE motivation!!

“The quality of one’s life depends on the quality of attention. Whatever you pay attention to will grow more important in your life.”    Deepak Chopra

I hope the information in this post has been helpful for you.  I am so glad you joined me on this Journey!!

PLEASE ask any questions you have, because you never know who you could be helping with your questions!! I WANT to hear from you!!  Also, if you have any topics you would like me to cover, just let me know!!  You can leave a comment here or you can just email me at Jaebyrd@jaebn.com with “Intentions” in the subject line.

I promise I will get back to you as quickly as I can!!

🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*

May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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