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JaeByrd’s Resource Page




Susan Williams-Goebber

Susan is the Lady behind “Planning Your Life Out on Paper” & our “Sparkling Planning Diva”!!  She is ALL about planning & organizing your time & your planner.  She is my go-to coach when I need help planning!!  Her “Diva Planning Parties” are a RIOT!!!!


WOOHOO!!!!  GREAT NEWS!!  Susan’s Diva Shop is now OPEN!!  She has some beautiful & VERY useful planner pages there!!  I have been using her Week on 2 Pages spread for several months now & I LOVE them!!  They have the half hour increments for scheduling clients & they are great for blocking off time, too!!  Ber sure to go check them out…….



Kirsten Rosetti

Kirsten is a certified coach & counselor specializing in stress & anxiety.  Her coaching sessions are designed to help you make positive life changes; cultivate greater self-awareness; and achieve meaningful, dreamy goals so that you can flourish in all aspects of your life and business.  Plus she has F*U*N stuff going on like self-love challenges & things to help you THRIVE!!

YIPEE!!  Kirsten just added a WONDERFUL Resource Vault to her site!!  She has a GREAT selection of Goodies there!!

Here is the link:  http://kirstenrosetti.com/resources/



Laura Smith

Laura is the brains behind iHeart Planners!!  She is an organizational whiz & makes beautiful & very useful planner pages of all sorts.  She teaches how to organize & how to make your own printables, as well.




Nina Barry

Nina is celebrating the third act!!  Her blog is all about finding joy in growing older & exploring the nature of wisdom.