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I LOVE lilacs!!  they are so pretty & smell SO good!!  They do require a bit of care, like if you trim them back in the Fall, you won’t have any blooms to enjoy in the Spring,  I learned THAT lesson the hard way!!  LOL!!  These are this year’s blooms that I just cut, aren’t they beautiful??  There is a relatively new variety of lilacs that bloom twice instead of just once a year. The bush & you have a second chance to enjoy the blossoms!!

Second chance, is that “IT”??

I don’t know about you, but I often need MORE than 2 chances to get something right!!  I try not to need those extra chances, but I seem to mess up on a regular basis.

That being said, I usually learn from my mistakes!!  Sometimes the lessons are hard & sometimes they are easy!!  Even though we are who we are as a result of many factors….our parent’s guidance, heritage, classmates, teachers, friends, relatives, & society as a whole, we become who we are & are defined by….

….the choices we make….good or bad….right or wrong…..helpful or hurtful!!

WE are the pilot of our own destiny!!

WE have unlimited, lifetime access to the World of CHOICES!!

Okay, think back over your life….I’ll bet you can remember at least 3 choices you made that were NOT in your best interest, I know I certainly can!!

As we go on & live our lives, we are faced with more choices to be made. How do we decide what choice to make??  We use the information currently at hand, our past experience, & our expectations, as well as those of others.

Too often we make the same mistake (wrong choice) because we allow others to influence us or we focus on our past, mulling it over & over until we lose our courage to believe we can make better choices & have better outcomes!!

Being able to make our own choices, pilot our own destiny, is a GIFT & a PRIVILEGE!!  We can DO or BE anything we want.  BUT, sometimes it takes hard work & dedication on our part!!  We are presented with the door, but we must decide whether to walk through it!!

Oh, it is easy to just “go with the flow” rather than buck the current to get what we want.  This is what dwelling in the past can cause us to do.  We have experienced difficulties or hardships & don’t want to “go there again” so we do NOTHING!!  We lose our courage, our drive, & our HOPE for a better life!!

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SO…..how do we move forward toward the life we want & were meant to live??  


we need to be “forward” looking NOT dwelling in the past!! This means releasing old feelings & thoughts like anger, hurt, resentment, and fear.


we need to gain clarity of what we want to experience in our life. (Forward looking)  Journaling our feelings & thoughts helps us to gain clarity.  Doing the “Brain Sweep” every night before bed helps as well. Come morning, you can look over your Brain Sweep list & sort through, prioritize the items, & make a plan!!

If you want more in depth information on this, check out my free series “Mind-to-Matter” by clicking on this link:  http://jaebn.com/mind-to-matter-squeeze-page/


we need strength & courage to step through that door of choice to claim our destiny!!  This is where the rubber meets the road….the hard work & commitment!!

How bad do you want it??  The CHOICE is YOURS!!

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  May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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