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SO…..did you begin on your “Fresh Start”??

As we have been discussing, this year, instead of Spring “cleaning”, we are doing a “Fresh Start”!!  And, yes, there is some “housekeeping” that we have to do to set us on the right path to our “Fresh Start”.

Granted, we do need to sweep out the cobwebs & perhaps improve our organization, but it is STILL a “Fresh Start”!!

Our minds need to be included in this annual ritual as well.

Just as a gardener clears away the old debris from last year’s growth & makes way for the NEW sprouts to spring forth & grow into beautiful new plants & flowers, we have to clear the cobwebs & clutter from our minds.

One of the reasons we resist Change is that we fear what “new” it will bring.  By ignoring or avoiding it, we wind up “cluttering” our mind & our lives as things build up until we are so overwhelmed we can’t even function.

A good example is that email box we never seem to get to the bottom of.  You keep saying that you will make time tomorrow or next week or whenever to clean it out for good & then not let it get that full again…….NOT!!  Even IF you get it cleaned out, in no time it is back full again.  Sometimes you archive all the messages to read some other day….THERE…. a clear email box.  In a week, you have neither read those archived messages NOR kept the box clear each day.

This “routine” repeats over & over until it becomes a worry or stress which affects our well-being!!

It doesn’t matter if it is the overflowing email box, your cluttered desk, the pile of magazines & papers by your chair or bed, it is all “clutter”….flotsam on our “sea” of life & it is STRESSING us out!!  Once this cycle starts, our mind is sucked into it too.  We wind up rehashing thoughts over & over & dredging up old thoughts, old hurts, old bothers.

Before we can start FRESH, we have to clear out the debris in our minds……Everything “starts” in our minds!!

The MOST IMPORTANT tool you have is the “ATTENTION / INTENTION” of your mind!!

Where you place your focus is what will prosper!!

I challenge you to make THIS Spring different!!  Let’s do something different so we have a different result, shall we??

Mind “clutter” is much like “physical” clutter.  We need to ask ourselves:
  • Do I love this?
  • Is this serving me or hurting me?
  • Is this a negative thing or thought?
  • Will my life be better & more positive without it?

Okay, now what??  The first thing we do is the hardest….take that “first” step!!  An old Chinese proverb says:

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with but ONE step.”
  1. Take just 15 minutes out of your busy day for yourself & your well-being!!  Your family & friends will thank you for it!!
  2. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Get comfortable, sit or lie down & relax the tension in your body.
  4. Your disorganized, negative thinking is at the root of most “clutter”.  Try this….Imagine your mental & physical clutter has vanished.  Momentarily you have a “Fresh Start”.  what will you do with it?
  5. As each new thought pops into your mind, ask those 4 questions.  Now, replace that “negative thought” with something more positive like a pleasant memory with your family, a positive spin/new approach to that negative thought.
Can this be done in 15 min?  Probably not, but just imagine what you can accomplish if you do that for 15 min each day!!

Replacing all those negative thoughts can lessen your stress, lower your blood pressure, reduce the physical tension you feel, help you sleep better & wake more refreshed, & most importantly bring happiness & joy back into your life!!

This week, use your journal to get all that debris out of your mind & on paper!!  THEN…..LET IT ALL GO!!  Use my “Brain Sweep List” & my “Bird Feather List” to help you!!

Everything can not be done at once.  It has probably taken a lifetime to build up to this point, BUT….we can undo all the clutter & stress with….

…just ONE step at a time!!

I look forward to hearing from you & reading your comments!!

Brain Sweep List

Bird Feather List

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  May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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