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Spring Cleaning vs. Fresh Start??

Do you know the difference??  Most people think they are pretty much the same thing.  Surprising??  Yes!!

Each Spring, the magazines and the majority of “women’s” websites are filled with “Spring Cleaning” tips, charts, forms, & schedules, etc.  Most of us buy into it & download our copies or copy the magazine article to help us “do better” this year.  We are always looking for a way to make it easier, better, more efficient, etc.

What we don’t think about is that it is a NEW  year!!  What we should be thinking about is a “Fresh Start”!!

I KNOW this may SEEM overwhelming so we are going to start with something small.  Pick just one small thing (something that will not take more than 15 min) each day & schedule the time in your planner/calendar.  When you start to “remove the debris” for a “fresh start”, set a timer for 15 min.  when the timer goes off, STOP.  Then tomorrow, pick up where you left off for another 15 min.  If you can spare more time, fine, but I do not recommend doing more that 1 hour per day.  If you do, it becomes worrisome, a chore, & you will become overwhelmed again & stuck in your “clutter”!!

I find that a GREAT place to start is with your purse, bag, or briefcase!!  It is something most of us carry everyday & if you are anything like me, it has WAY TOO much stuff in it.

This will probably take less than 5 min:
  1. Empty it ALL out on a table or your bed.
  2. Discard any trash…old tissues, scraps of paper, old shopping lists, receipts you no longer need, pens that don’t write, etc.
  3. Take a small pouch or bag & put all your ESSENTIAL makeup in it & zip it shut.  Take another small bag to hold the small things like post-it notes, pen, paper clips, pack of tissues, breath mints, gum, etc.
  4. If this is a briefcase, only put back what is ABSOLUTELY essential for everyday, then put back what you will need for tomorrow ONLY!!
  5. By organizing the loose items into bags/pouches, it makes finding things in your bag much easier & saves time.  An added benefit is that when you want to change bags, it is super easy with the smaller bags inside.

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it??  You have completed your FIRST step of your “Fresh Start”!!  Remember to go slow, take it in small steps, but continue scheduling & DOING this every day!!

“Change” may be hard, but the results are almost always SO SATISFYING!!


I look forward to hearing from you & reading your comments!!

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  May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae


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