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Spring’s Awakening is a wonder to behold!!

All the beautiful flowers in a vast array of bright colors!! Everything feels clean & new…..even the air is fresh & crisp.  Our “fresh start” this Spring can be just as invigorating & clean & new as the flowers of Spring!!

Are you facing a major life change??  Are you going through something difficult that is making you feel overwhelmed & that your life is chaotic & unmanageable??

I get that!!  Been there…..done that…..have the t-shirt to prove it!!  LOL!!

Growing up as an only child of a mentally abusive mother & frequently changing father figures, I was so beat down mentally that I could not even think without help.  I was extremely immature & insecure.  I was afraid of others so I kept to myself.  I WANTED friends, but did not know how to make them & I had trust issues because of my Mom.  To say I had a troubled childhood is an understatement!!  But to the outside world, Mom was the perfect mother & we were a happy, well adjusted family.

I grew up as the “albatross” around my mother’s neck!! She was a career woman in the 1940-50’s (worked her way up to Hospital Assistant Administrator) who NEVER wanted children.  She frequently reminded me that she wished she had never had me.  I was just an obligation to her.  I am SO fortunate to have had a loving Grandmother that protected me as best she could.

If I were to write a book about my life, it would be labeled “fiction” because no one would ever believe one person could go through so much…..but I DID!!  It was difficult & confusing & hurtful, BUT…..it is what made me the strong, compassionate woman I am today!!

During my life, I always had to take other people’s feelings, directions, & concerns into account.  I was never able to make decisions on my own…..until I became a widow & my Mom died.  Suddenly I am an adult & can go anywhere, do anything, decide anything I want.  This was overwhelming & scary for me!!  It took me quite a while to adjust to making my own decisions!!  But now I am able to do the one thing I have always been good at…..helping others go through major life changes with dignity & grace.

Let’s see what major life changes I have been through…..
  • did not know biological father until in my late 30’s
  • mother mentally & emotionally abusive & she was a perfectionist
  • nothing I ever did was good enough
  • mother married MULTIPLE times….never knew what man she would be with next
  • Lived with my Grandparents until my grandfather died…..I was about 10yo & had to go back to live with my mother
  • one of Mom’s husbands adopted me & was a wonderful father
  • we had lived in 10 different homes by the time I reached high school
  • married at 18yo to get away from Mom……only lasted 3yrs
  • became a nurse because Mom wanted me to
  • married a Viet Nam vet….lasted 6yrs until he assaulted me
  • was homeless for a short while until I could get enough money for an apartment…..Mom refused to help me
  • adopted father murdered…..made national news
  • finally married a wonderful man & we were married for 30yrs
  • I became disabled & had to give up my nursing license because I could no longer work
  • lived in 26 different houses during my adult life
  • Survived cancer & multiple major surgeries & treatments 
  • cared for my husband who had Alzheimer’s Disease & was bedbound the last year of his life
  • became a widow about 5yr ago & was left in a horrible financial situation

Those are just the highlights!!  LOL!!  You would probably expect me to be sitting in a puddle on the floor!! But I made “Change” my friend & it helped me to survive despite what I had to face.

THIS is why I am uniquely qualified to help others going through major life changes & experiencing overwhelm & exhaustion!! Now, I am NO LONGER a nurse & I am NOT a therapist!!  I am a good listener, an empath, & am able to sort through the chaos & make a simple plan to wade through it all to a successful & rewarding conclusion.

I have this amazing “gift” of optimism & joy & I love to share it with others!!  Life is hard enough, but when you approach it with a “glass half full” as opposed to a “glass half empty” attitude, it is much easier to navigate those currents & eddies!!

I sincerely hope this post has made sense to you & resonates with you!! This is my authentic self!!  I am just a woman with 68 years of experience & wisdom who is available to help you sort through the chaos, help you develop a plan & will encourage you & be available for help as you proceed down your path.

NO ONE should have to do this alone!!  If this DOES resonate with you & you would like to do a free 30min Strategy Session with me, please book your time here:


I am looking forward to strategizing with you so that your Spring Fresh Start is as colorful as a rainbow!!
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May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

4 thoughts on “Spring’s Awakening ~ Change is in the Air

  1. You’re a brilliant example of resilience, Jae! Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a great reminder that life is filled with challenges, and while change can be hard, we can embrace it and let it strengthen us rather than break us.
    Have a great day!

  2. Hello Jae Dear,
    Thank you for sharing your story. You do give me hope that there is light at the end of every tunnel and that there is always something that you learn when you come out the other side.
    I can’t wait for my Free talk with you!!!!

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