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BA DI Studio Art Wk #11 Pg 8

How do we deal with Life when the “Crazies” hit??  Let’s start with a deep breath….or two…..or three…..however many it takes to calm the storm inside!!

We can’t control others…..

….how they treat us….react to us….talk about or to us….etc.!  But….we CAN control how WE react/respond to them.  If we are calmer & think before we respond, often that is all it takes to defuse the situation & change the atmosphere.

Slow down & breathe deep.  When we “stop & smell the roses”, so to speak, we are able to focus better….think clearer & respond calmer.  It allows us to be mindful & fully present.

We are so used to instantaneous everything.  The World is moving at lightspeed.  We are Queens of multitasking.

What if….

— we only did ONE thing at a time??  Monotasking.
— we took 15-30min each week to make a written plan for the next week??
— we map out 15min everyday to do absolutely nothing….take time for ourselves??
— we change how we think about ourselves & others??  Choose your thoughts carefully!!
— we accept ourselves & others as we are??
— we make one positive change a day??
— we learn to be mindful & fully present??

Be who you ARE….NOT who someone else says you “should” be……..the dreaded “shoulds”!!  “Should” is such a bad word!!  Speak to yourself with kindness & compassion….ALWAYS!!

You are unique!!  Love yourself enough to be Yourself & be proud of who you are!!  Accept & embrace all of who you are.  There is no one on this planet like you….you are wonderfully made & worthy to be loved!!

Don’t forget it!!

May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path…..

Hugzz ~ Jae

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