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People who create positive change in their lives tend to be "action" people! Are You a person of ACTION??

People who create positive & healthy CHANGE in their lives tend to be “action” people!  Are You a person of ACTION??

There are far too many people who talk about Change & the personal development required but are not successful because it is just “lip service” NOT ACTION. They talk about it ad nauseum & even put it on the calendar, in their planner, etc. , & they may even start, but they never finish.  They are NOT successful!

To be SUCCESSFUL in this Change, you must do all the prep work we discussed in my last 3 blogs:

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Are You Prepared for the Inevitable….CHANGE??http://jaebn.com/are-you-prepared-for-the-inevitable-change/


On the date you pick, you will begin ACTIVELY initiating the Change!!  (If you don’t do the work, this will all be just more lip service!!)

Take out your planner, & write the start date in your planner in RED ink!!  Non-eraseable ink!!  Now, as to scheduling all the focus points & action steps, that comes a little later!!  I did tell you this takes a little time, right??

Okay, time to pull out those Journal sheets again & gain some more clarity!!  If you missed them or need more, here are the links….

Journal Page JBN Pg 1             Journal Page JBN Pg 2

Here are the Journal Prompts for the WHEN:

  • When is your target start date??
  • When is your target completion date??
  • What does your timeline look like??  Is there a rigid deadline??
  • Are you giving yourself enough time for completion of the Change??
  • Are you scheduling in some buffer time??
  • Are you ready to determine & schedule your action steps??
  • Who are you making this Change for & how will it benefit YOU??
  • Are you ready to get serious & get to WORK??
  • Is this a PRIORITY for you??

Setting intentions, determining Focus Points & Action Steps, making a Plan, Scheduling everything, assessing, making adjustments, reassessing,& reaching SUCCESS is a JOURNEY!! This does NOT happen overnight!! This takes TIME!!  How long depends on how big the Change is & how committed you are, as well as the factors we don’t control!!

In my Signature Program, “From Chaos to Sanity & Success”, which I am currently revising, we delve deep into your Change & apply what I call the IPFAA Principle:

  • I = Intentions
  • P = Plans
  • F = Focus Points
  • A = Action Steps
  • A = Accountability

I have struggled at times in my life because I did not face Change with clarity, focus, & a plan!!  It took me a while to understand that I could not go whilly-nilly around without those 3 components!!

You can’t just jump into a Change & expect to succeed!! That is a bit like jumping into the deep end of the pool when you don’t know how to swim!!  Oh, after struggling, you MAY keep yourself from drowning & learn to swim, but chances are good that you will drown!!  You will be overwhelmed, have difficulty focusing, experience “brain fog”, become easily distracted, & get lost down the Pinterest or FaceBook “rabbithole” on a daily basis.

I CAN help you to stay afloat & learn to swim (progress through the Change)….successfully!!

I hope this info & this exercise are helpful for you.  I am so glad we are on this Journey together.  I don’t want to go through MY “change” alone….DO YOU??

I REALLY want to hear if this is helpful & how you are doing!!  PLEASE ask any questions you have, because you never know who you could be helping with your questions!!

I have a HUGE favor to ask…….since I am currently developing a new program, I NEED your help!!  PLEASE post just one or 2 words, or more, of the biggest issue you are facing right now. You can comment below or just shoot me an email at Jaebyrd@jaebn.com with “Issue” in the subject line.

I promise I will get back to you as quickly as I can!!

🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠
May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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