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How can you know what to do next if you don't know who or what or where you are?? Plus, if you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there??

Okay, NOW what??  How can you know what to do next if you don’t know who or what or where you are??

Plus, if you don’t know where you are planning on going, how will you know when you get there??

Thank you for joining me for Part 2 of my latest series on “CHANGE”!!  In Part 1 we discussed what “CHANGE” is & the basic steps we go through to make a change in our lives or businesses!!  If you missed it, you can read it HERE:  http://jaebn.com/are-you-prepared-for-the-inevitable-change/

Let’s get this party started, shall we??  The first part of this process is figuring out the “WHO”!!  Are you unhappy or overwhelmed with some part of your life or business??  Are you wanting to be better or stronger in one area??  Do you want to be more successful, or more popular, or weigh less, or have a larger list, or have more clients or more repeat business??

This is probably the hardest part, even though it seems simple!!

This is where we drill down to decide just what we want, what change actually needs to be made!!  Please bear with me as we go through this process because it takes TIME, thought, reflection, identification, assessment, reassessment, adjustment…. rinse & repeat!!

We are starting at the beginning…. the WHO!!  What is the reason for this change??  Is it a change you are being required to make or one you want & choose to make??

Here is the worksheet to help you with the WHO for your change:

Part One – The WHO Worksheet

Are you exhausted??  Overwhelmed??  “Confused??  Just don’t know where to start??  Well, if any of this describes you, you are in the right place!!  I CAN help you, BUT…. YOU have to do YOUR part, too!!  I may have a wand, but it is not magick!!

You are going to need as much “awareness” about the WHO as you can get!!  This includes what the NEED is for the change!!  This is part of the process I take my private clients through…. the Discovery Session!!  Here is how it works….

You may think you know all about the change you are facing, but I assure you, you DON’T!!  We are going to start with something most women do…. journaling!!  Not all women do this, but most do!!  However, the greatest majority of those who do, are very superficial in their journaling.  It is really more like a chronicle of their life instead of a drill down!!

So, this may be a bit, or a lot, uncomfortable for you this week!!  I want you to SERIOUSLY Journal about this change!!

ALL your thoughts, feelings, opinions, pros & cons, etc.  Focus on your feelings…is this change required for your job or business, how do feel about that??  Are you on board with the change because you are REQUIRED to be or because you CHOOSE to be??  How do you think this change will affect you??  Will it improve your life in some way??   Is this a change you want to make to improve something in your personal life??  How do you think it will benefit you??

My challenge to you this week is to complete the Part 1 Worksheet & to JOURNAL about whatever change you are facing!!

Every possible feeling you are having, what you are anticipating, fearing, happy about, upset about, etc.!!  At the end of the week, read back over your journal pages & spend some time absorbing what you have written this week.  How are you feeling at this point??  Have you identified feelings or opinions you didn’t expect or realize you were having??

Here is a Journal Page for you to use….

Journal Page JBN Pg 1              Journal Page JBN Pg 2

The next step in this process is really easy & will provide even more clarity!!  But I am getting ahead of myself!!  LOL!!  That is Part 3!!

It is SO important to identify EXACTLY WHO you are making this Change for!!  Yes, you may be required to make the change for your job or your health or some other outside reason, BUT…. you must willingly CHOOSE to make this change for YOU!!  If it is required, then you CHOOSE to make it because of how it benefits you!!  There must be a benefit to you or you will not be successful in making the change permanent!!  You will have the tendency to revert to old behavior or old processes or old ways!!

So, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.  Get a beverage of your choice like a nice cup of hot tea, use the pages I provided or some pretty journal of your own & your favorite pen.  Now, spend at least 15 -20 minutes a day this week journaling!!

This is important!!  Get every thought & feeling about this change on paper!!  At the end of the week, read what you have written!!

Write any insights you have on THIS worksheet, that you started at the first of the week:

Part One – The WHO (1)

I hope this info & this exercise is helpful for you!!  I am glad we are on this journey together, because I am facing a change too!!  I don’t want to go through it alone, do you??

I REALLY want to hear how you are doing & if this is helpful!!  Please ask any questions you have because you never know who you could be helping with your questions!!

Please comment below or Shoot me an email at Jaebyrd@jaebn.com!!

I promise I will get back to you as quickly as I can!!

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May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path….Hugzz ~ Jae

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