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FEAR is a POWERFUL emotion & energy!!

These are my “boys”!!  The one on the left is Jody & the one on the right is Hunter.  They have NO fear!!

They don’t realize how small they are, they think they are the size of Dobermans!! We rescued these 2 brothers just before my husband entered the final stage of his Alzheimer’s & about 8 months before he died.  Since his death, they have become my guard dogs, my protectors.  They will not let ANYONE in the house!!  LOL!!  They alert me when someone is on the property, if the cats are on the porch to be fed, heck, even if a leaf blows across the porch or a bird lands, they bark!!  They have NO fear!!

As children, we have no fear either!!  That is why parents guide & protect their children.  Without our parents, we do dumb stuff like walk off the end of a 2-story scaffolding, because we are not afraid!!
(Yes, I did that as a child.)

I have to admit that I was told not to walk to the end of the boards, but I just HAD to see why I shouldn’t!!

I was lucky that there was a sand pile beneath me & it softened my landing!!  STILL knocked the wind out of me & somehow broke my little finger!!  Lesson learned.

But…..in the process a fear took root……the Fear of falling!!

Somewhere along our life’s path, something occurs & a fear takes root.  How big & scary that fear becomes is up to us!!  If the occurrence that caused the fear happens again, it feeds the fear & the fear grows!! Unless we STOP it!!

As we mature, we are better able to process our fears into “rational” & “irrational”……..USUALLY, that is!!  Sometimes we let that fear grow & it can overwhelm us!! Somewhere in the middle is where most of us are!!

We can acknowledge our fear & do it anyway or we can avoid the situation that the fear represents!!

Sometimes it is hard to gain the appropriate perspective of our fears.  Is this something that will really hurt me or just make me uncomfortable??

I have been an overachiever all my life!!  BUT…..when I became a nurse, my professional life & my personal private life split & they were 2 separate things…I became 2 different people, sort of.  I was confident, strong, & outgoing as a nurse and then I was scared, weak, & introverted as me.  As me, I allowed others to influence me & take over my life, but as a nurse, NOT!!  I had no fear as a nurse!!  I was confident in my knowledge & if I didn’t know something, I learned!!

This is why all those negative feelings & fear have gripped me again regarding my 50th High School Reunion!!

It has put me right back into all that negative energy & seems like no matter how irrational that fear is to me, on an intellectual level, it is STILL there!!

So, does this sound like you??  What fear is a force in your life??

Here is something that I use & it can help you too!!

My Fear Disassembly Tree
  1. Is this fear rational or irrational??
  2. If rational, will it harm me physically, emotionally, or spiritually??  If so is the reward worth the risk??
  3. If irrational, why??  What is the basis for this fear??
  4. Make a list of positive things you can use to help you battle this fear.  List positive strategies to use when confronting this fear.  Examples:  face fear in small manageable steps, ask for someone’s support, post a reminder that “I CAN do this!!” in prominent places to remind yourself, etc.
This is what I am using to fight the fear of my Reunion!!  So far, it is helping.  I have made all my preparations & appointments.  NOW…..I just have to GO!!

If you are allowing a powerful fear to interrupt living your life to its fullest, Try my “Tree” & see if it doesn’t help you!!  I would love to hear how you are doing & if this works for you??  Please comment below or shoot me an email at Jaebyrd@jaebn.com.

Hope your week is outstanding & that you are successful in fighting that fear!!

Here are a couple more pics of my Boys:

2012-05-09 21.20.542013-02-10 02.35.192011-06-26 19.09.10

🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠🌠 ¸.•*´¨ ✫ ¨`*•.¸ 🌠
  May Stardust & Moonbeams light your path…Hugzz ~ Jae




2 thoughts on “What FEAR is a Powerful Force in Your Life??

  1. Jae, your boys are so cute!

    I like the idea of using a decision tree to address how to deal with fear. I hadn’t thought of using one to address an emotion like fear, but it makes sense. Thank you for that idea!

    1. Thanks, Nina!! Sometimes the simplest thing is the best to be able to sort through, like fear. We tend to make things way too complicated!! LOL!! Anything in our life can be dissected using this method & then we can see easily what we need to either do or let go of!! My boys are precious, thanks!! They are now my guard dogs!! LOL!!

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